The East Torrance Soil and Water Conservation District includes1,142,028 acres of land. This includes:

  • 25,000 acres of irrigated cropland
  • 2,000acres of dry cropland
  • 1,059 acres of rangeland
  • 47,405 acres of forest land
  • 7,700 acres of urban land

Our District includes a number of noteworthy Central New Mexico communities, all displayed in our District Boundary map.

Board Members

Chairman: Ryan Schwebach
Vice Chair: Bill Wrye
Sec/Treasurer: Jim Berlier
Member: Fronia Jaramillo
Member: Jason Brumley


Estancia FO District Conservationists: Mike Jones
District Manager:Cheri Lujan,
NRCS FO Soil Conservation Technician: Lisa Dennisson