Cost Share Program

The East Torrance Soil and Water Conservation District provides
cost-share assistance for the following practices:

  • Rangeland Assistance – 50% Cost- share available for livestock pipelines, water storage facilities, cross fencing and erosion control projects.
  • Cropland Assistance – 50% Cost-Share available for irrigation pipelines, valves, flow meters, laser leveling, low energy sprinkler nozzles, and back-flow prevention valves.
  • Brush-Management & Weed Management – Both practices are paid at 75% Cost-Share since they are a major concern of the District and the Estancia Basin.
  • Group Project Assistance – The District will fund portions of conservation projects submitted by: community groups, such as schools, senior citizen’s centers, and churches, home-owner associations, or other organizations,for projects such as windbreaks, natural trails, xeric plantings,
    and water harvesting projects which provide widespread benefit.

District cost-share financial assistance to landowners funding for these programs is received through Mill Levy collections.

You can get started by filling out our cost share application form and sending it via mail or fax, or you can bring it to our office. To ensure the fastest possible response, please make sure to provide all the related information and materials requested on the form.

To apply for a Water Harvesting Cost-Share please fill out the Request for Water Harvesting application.

Water Trust Board Grants

Water FootprintThe Water Trust Board Grant program provides financial support
and technical assistance for watershed management activities
such as brush management/fire breaks, diversions, grazing management,  critical area planting/range seeding, and other activities focused  on watershed health restoration. Download a copy of the Water Trust Grant Cost Share Assistance Application

Noxious Weed Management Program

The District conducts noxious weed treatment activities, including spraying, through its weed management program. In August 2004,the East Torrance, Claunch-Pinto, and Edgewood Soil and Water Conservation Districts came together along with local and federal government agencies to sign an MOU creating the first regional noxious weed program, the Central New mexico Cooperative Weed Management Area. Under the CNMCWMA, areas of main focus for spraying noxious weeds have been along Highway 41, with Russian Knapweed
as the principal target.